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Writing Your Life Workshops

These workshops focus on the rich vein of unique material that belongs to you alone. Instead of trying to be "good," we concentrate instead on production and pleasure, on unearthing the personal myths and stories that can reveal who you are and eventually lead to your natural form. Your story is yours and you're entitled to use it any way you wish-- to bend it into fiction, transmute it into poetry, or serve it up as memoir. But before you can decide which way to shape your writing, you have to get into the habit of writing freely.

Current Schedule

For  upcoming workshops, contact through email.

The goals of this workshop will be to:

  • Cultivate a regular, pleasurable writing practice
  • Locate your vein of rich personal material
  • Silence the critic and delay the editor until late in the writing process
  • Share reactions to other student's writing
  • Develop a feeling for form

 Student comments about Writing Out of Your Life workshops:

  •  "Thank you for a very inspiring course. What has made it so memorable for me is not only the structure and prompts --all so helpful and inspring --but your gentle and caring guidance. And your ability to lead, to bind a group of people who know each other by words on a page into a community. You're a wonderful teacher."  
  •  "The last ten weeks have flown by. Your lectures, wise  words, guidance and sincere concern for our creative voices is something I'll never forget. It has taken strength to dig deep and bring out emotions and memories that I once thought needed to be buried..I now realize that expressing these thoughts has been most healing."
  • "I want to thank you again for leading a most exceptional and meaningful workshop.  Each week I looked forward to your lectures ... I miss the inspiration and gentle, nonjudgmental structure of our class, which made me write. This was the most important writers' class/group I have ever experienced."

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